Sikiru Ekunsumi

AS, Associate of Science, Nashville State Community College, 2021
BS, Computer Science, Tennessee Tech University, December 2023

I am currently employed at SAIC  
(Science Applications International Corporation)

I am a HHS Service Desk Technician  at SAIC.

As an HHS Service Desk Technician at SAIC, I provide technical support for Health and Human Services (HHS) staff, ensuring timely resolution of IT issues.

 My responsibilities include managing and troubleshooting a wide range of hardware and software problems, utilizing ticketing systems to document, track, and prioritize service requests while ensuring compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). I conduct routine maintenance and updates on user workstations and peripheral devices, assist in the deployment and configuration of new hardware and software, and develop training materials to enhance end-user technical proficiency. Additionally, I collaborate with other IT teams to escalate and resolve complex issues, maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with HHS IT policies to safeguard sensitive information and maintain data integrity.


September 23 - May 2024
As a Systems Administrator at TQI, I spearheaded a critical server upgrade project from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2019. This initiative was crucial as Windows Server 2012 had reached the end of its life cycle. My comprehensive solution involved seamlessly migrating to Server 2019, coupled with upgrades to storage and hardware components.

Key Achievements and Responsibilities:

Server Expertise: Proficient in Windows Server installation, services, and migration.

Infrastructure Management: Oversight of server and server room operations.

Data Management: Efficient file management and SQL server administration.

Network Administration: Configured firewall settings and optimized network configurations.

Hardware Optimization: Conducted hardware maintenance and executed upgrades for enhanced system performance.

Workstation Migration: Successfully migrated older workstations to new systems.

Collaboration: Worked collaboratively with tech support teams from external vendors.

License Management: Managed licenses for multiple services ensuring compliance.

RAID Configuration: Expertise in setting up and optimizing RAID configurations.

Tennessee Technological University

ITS Student Technology Assistant
August 2021 - May 2022
As an ITS Student Technology Assistant at Tennessee Technological University, I played a pivotal role in delivering comprehensive technical support across the campus community, encompassing students, faculty, staff, and retired employees. My responsibilities spanned a wide range of technology-related tasks, ensuring a seamless and efficient technology environment.

Key Contributions and Responsibilities:

On-site Technical Support: Provided hands-on assistance, addressing and resolving technology issues on location.

Student Support: Assisted students with a diverse range of personal technology concerns, enhancing their overall user experience.

Faculty and Staff Setup: Contributed to the basic setup and configuration of faculty and staff computers, ensuring optimal functionality.

Preventative Maintenance: Conducted preventative maintenance on various equipment available for checkout, including Apple and Windows laptops, projectors, and other relevant technologies.


Technical Support Representative
October 2022 - May 2023
As a Technical Support Representative at Twin Lakes, I played a vital role in delivering expert technical assistance to customers and technicians via phone communication. My responsibilities encompassed addressing a variety of inquiries and resolving problems, with a primary focus on configuring SSIDs, providing Wi-Fi and e-mail password assistance, and ensuring overall customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities:

Customer and Technician Support: Provided prompt and effective technical assistance to customers and technicians, resolving issues and answering queries.

Configuration Expertise: Proficient in configuring SSIDs and offering support for Wi-Fi and e-mail password-related concerns.

Coordination: Collaborated with internal and external personnel as necessary to ensure timely resolution of customer issues, adhering to established protocols and procedures.

Issue Resolution: Assisted customers and service technicians in resolving service-related issues, ensuring efficiency and high levels of customer satisfaction.

This role demanded a strong grasp of technical troubleshooting, effective communication skills, and a commitment to delivering quality service in a dynamic and customer-centric environment.